Ghada's favorites through 2011 from the Boulder Arabic Literature Reading Group List.

November, 2006: Seen and Heard: A Century of Arab Women in Literature & Culture, by Mona Mikhail
January, 2004: Arabesques, by Anton Shammas
February, 1997: Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood, by Fatima Mernissi
March, 1997: Cities of Salt, by Abd al-Rahaman Munif
July, 2001: Palestine's Children: Returning to Haifa and Other Stories, by Ghassan Kanafani
February, 1999: Sitt Marie Rose by Etel Adnan
September, 1998: Memory for Forgetfulness, by Mahmoud Darwish
November, 2009: Voices Revealed: Arab women novelists, 1898-2000, by Bouthaina Shaaban
September, 2009: The Image, the Icon, and the Covenant, by Sahar Khalifeh
August, 2009: The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf, by Mohja Kahf
March, 2009: Palestinian Walks, by Raja Shehadeh
January, 2009: The Hakawati, by Rabih Alameddine
September, 2007: Dancing Arabs, by Sayed Kashua (Qashu)
March, 2007: Arab Women between Defiance and Restraint, edited by Suha Sabbagh

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